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Winners of the Invisible Challenge

Tue May 26, 2015, 2:47 PM

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:iconphotographyworld: PhotographyWorld 
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:icongoldmedalplz: Photographer fella (Artist) :iconsilvermedalplz:

Noisy fella (Works) Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats and mute or switch off your mobile devices, because we need Your Full Attention! You may fasten your seatbelt, too, if you have one. This is the very moment to announce Your Decision about the winners of the contest that our group, the  
organized in affiliation with
along with the help and support of our most honored friends and affiliates: 

:iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconphotos-of-the-season: :icondawishingwell: :iconlovinganimalphotos:
:icondevnews: :iconcontest-office: :iconnon-real: :iconskyandnatureclub:
:iconphotography-group:  :iconalltypes-photography:

So, here comes the
[:drumroll: please imagine a drumroll here... a bit louder... more... more... okay, that's right now!:drummer: ]
The Winners of the Invisible Challenge!

As you may remember, we announced this contest to find the best photographers solving the impossible. We asked you (and them) to take images of things nobody could see. They had to capture the look of the never-seen and they DID IT!

Rules were simple but strict and for some contestants, unsolveable. The images had to be new, taken after the announcement of the Challenge. This rule was easily followed. The images had to depict something that is unseen. Even this part was clear. The entries had to state their theme and include the icon of our group in the artist description to display participation. This rule was a real killer! Over four fifths of the applications were rejected because one or all of the requirements were missing. But some photographers took the rules seriously, and those entries were already featured in our last journal (link to the Runners' Up blog below), or, as the case may be, they will be featured now.

We admins had our own problems, too, partly caused by the Malevolent Fates, and partly due to our everyday needs and issues, that we missed the moment of the deadline. We checked the poll just before the deadline, as well as the next morning, and the poll position changed in between... This is why we won't announce a separate first and second place, but instead we will declare two winners.

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But before we announce winners, let's take a look at the wonderful third-place finish by stevenfields:

selfie 2 by stevenfields

Tea Time

tea time by stevenfields

Stating this entry is a "glorious deviation" is not an exaggeration because his beautiful Tea Time received a Daily Deviation during the Challenge—we are very glad to applaud him, and to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to the suggester AlexanderPaupoff and the featuring CV Mrs-Durden. Many Congratulations!

Here is a fine selection from Steven's gallery:

splash by stevenfields  solitude by stevenfields  solely by stevenfields  fishpond by stevenfields  rose 5 by stevenfields

Please don't forget to fave, comment and share his works you liked the most!

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in chronological order

With mere hours or minutes before the deadline she was leading the poll, so let's announce her first:

Photographer Selfie by vicky271

:iconvicky271: vicky271 the 'Just Before Deadline' Winner
Here is her winning image along with some selections from her beautiful gallery:


Perception by vicky271

The Wanderer by vicky271  Lady Bug Fly Away Home 2! by vicky271  Bloom by vicky271

 White Flowers by vicky271

Harvest Moon Fanfic -2- Ch. 1TWISTED (title of story)
Chapter 1: Farmer
The green leaves on the trees were blowing in the wind, causing them to fall to the ground. The dew of spring caressed the small island in the early morning. I could feel the wind on my back, and the sun on my head as they brushed against my skin. The island was lively that day, as the morning rays struck down to the ground and I could sense vibes of peace from the villagers. They all had gathered in Meadow Island. Sheep walked around, grazing on the grassy earth. Mirabelle, the judge and founder of the festival, stood behind a counter in the center of the island, talking to villagers and people competing in the best sheep contest.
I sat under a tree farther away from the crowd, enjoying the shade instead of the hot spring sun. My eyes were heavy from the lack of sleep the night before, and my arms were crossed across my chest. I had a great start on the island. After being shipwrecked with Taro and his family, we had decided without hesitatio
   Harvest Moon Fanfic -2- Ch. 2Chapter 2: Phone Call
The hours had passed by as if they were only seconds. During this time, Julia, Natalie, Lanna and I had settled on the bedroom floor in the animal shop and were busy sharing secrets, gossiping, things a girl would do during a sleepover. Minutes after we had settled down for the night, around twelve, a faint noise peeked out through the shadows. I felt as if this was a horror movie. A girl, innocent and young, was doing nothing to bug others, just attending to her own business sleeping, planting flowers, whatever it was she did. Then suddenly, something attacks her, causing pain and horror. She, and anyone else who is close to her, are never the same again in their life.
I slowly sat up in my bed, my mind triggering to that horror of a story that had been on T.V late that night. I remember sitting up on the couch, arms tightly wrapped around my pillow, tears flowing down my face and eyes glued to the T.V. The story was addicting, yet frightening at the same time. I


Please don't forget to fave, comment and share her works you like the most!

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:iconblufie: blufie the 'Next Morning' Winner

Img 4900-3 by blufie
Here is her award winning image and a fine sample of her amazing gallery:

 Once upon a time in Dublin by blufie

Aalborg Carneval teaser by blufie  Kakao2 by blufie  Just another pin-up painting. by blufie  Gollum and Dobby and their precious love... by blufie  Sunny day in Denmark by blufie

Color explosion by blufie

Blufie's 'Gold Whispers' was her other submission to the Challenge
Gold whispers by blufie
Please don't forget to fav, comment and share her works you loved the most!

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Now we, as admins of PhotographyWorld will select from the winners' works and decide about suggesting a DD.
But don't forget, you are able to make your suggestion, too. For more information please see FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? and after careful consideration, you can suggest a DD of your own preference.
Please note that our affiliates will feature the winners, too. They gave a lot help to us with their support of the contest. Would you please honor them a visit?

Thank you for your attention, and don't forget to un-mute or switch on your mobile now. You may want to release your seat belt if you fastened it before ;) 

This Challenge was featured by our affiliates:

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and organized by


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