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Tue Apr 21, 2015, 12:02 PM

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:icondevnews: DevNews :icondevnews:

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DeviantART will be going into "Read-Only" mode for maintenance on April 22nd. See info here:

Scheduled Maintenance and Read-Only Mode
DeviantArt will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, April 22nd from approximately 11:00 PM to 11:30 PM Pacific.
You might recall that we previously held Scheduled Maintenance on April 8th. At that time, we discovered there was a bit more work to be done. After spending the last two weeks addressing those issues, we're ready for our second (and hopefully final) test run — which will ultimately result in a faster, better DeviantArt experience! and the DeviantArt Mobile App will be in read-only mode during this maintenance period — you'll be unable to submit, comment, or +fav deviations (or take other actions that require being logged-in.) However, you'll still be able to browse and search the site, and, same as last time, we encourage you to find and share artwork that you enjoy, bringing attention to artists you love!
As we continue to test changes to our backend systems,

PE: Community Week Wrap-UpCommunity Week
Welcome to the Community Week!
For those of you that may not know yet, a Community Week is a chance for everyone in the community to bring to light their favorite subject, art, project or any other topic that you consider important but may get overlooked in other ways. If you're interested in participating in the next Community Weeks, then please read the Guidelines.
Community Week
06th Monday
AM: Intro by cinyu
Midday: Artistle Art Challenge announcement by AlexanderPaupoff
PM: How to get involved on DA - New members by George-B-Art
07th Tuesday
AM: Ho
  Project Educate - Dates and Information!Calendar and Info!
projecteducate was founded seven years ago by Moonbeam13 and since then has been a project run by the Community Volunteer team. The group is aimed at providing educational information for artists who want to learn about all sorts of art genres or who want to contribute their own knowledge for others to read about.
Weeks are usually allocated in seven day blocks unless there is a lot to cover and for general weeks a Community Volunteer will take the lead and bring you seven days of awesome in the form of articles, features, chat events, interviews and maybe even a contest or two. The volunteer will share their knowledge about the gallery that they oversee on DeviantArt or if they are a Chat & Forums volunteer they will give you insight into how things work over there. But now we have more and more involvement from the Community and we have themed weeks, which give anyone the chance to participate!
To participate in any of the below Themed Weeks or any of
   Efficient Browsing on DACommunity Week
Hello Deviants! Back again from my last tutorial! I'm here today to give you some helpful tips on how to efficiently browse on DA and pick out handful shells from this vast ocean of over more than a million coral reefs and huge fish schools.Since DeviantArt is such a great social community with a huge population of deviants joining everyday and already existing, their  deviations fill up a great quantity of this ocean.So, to find your favorite pearls from this deep trench, I'll  bring up an  example in front of you so that you get the topic easily.I'll choose the FANART category for this discussion as it is the most widely browsed among the DA audience.So here we go:

Typing In The Search Bar and Getting the Best Results :
The first and the foremost step to find any deviation in the ocean, throw in your bait towards the blue waters and wait for 0.003789 secs. for it to show up more than 50,000 results!!!!!Therefore,while y
   How to do an Advanced Search on DACommunity Week
DeviantArt is a website that hosts millions of works published with broad search criteria, covering hundreds and thousands of results... Which can be very overwhelming! It is never easy to find what you're looking for and it is common to become lost when navigating among the content, unless you know the best way to perform a good search. This guide will show you what the most used and recommended criteria are to look for specific content in DeviantArt's search engine. To find out, I invite you to continue reading ^^.
It is the main search engine at DeviantArt, which you can find tons of graphic and literary material with. There are parameters that make searching the site either easier and faster. These parameters can be combined to optimize the search and get specific results, those that accommodate our needs and interests. Knowing how to manage this page correctly not only allows you to find w
   Chat Event: The PE Round TableCommunity Week
We are bringing a new Community Week chat event to YOU!
Beginning in May 2015, PE is holding a monthly chat event called "The PE Round Table" hosted by yours truly, JenFruzz! These chat events, which will take place in the :#CommunityWeek: chat room, aim to bring deviants together with fun discussion topics ranging from PE articles to Today's News stories to special guest question & answer sessions. Each PE Round Table event will have a set theme and this teaser article will explain some of the things you can expect to see going on there. 
We would like to get feedback from the community about this idea. Please leave comments in this article with your thoughts and suggestions. 
So, what are some of the things you can you expect to happen at The PE Round Table chat events?
Community Week Discussions
projecteducate aims to provide the community with helpful DA-related

Wish Fondue 15.4.2Featuring critiques/comments, badges, commissions/adoptables and miscellaneous wishes.
Take a look at the new wishes!
:star: Lilith-the-5th wishes for more people to comment or critique her Free Souls Writings. :star:

:groups: DeviBrigard wishes for llamas. :groups:

:groups: iLantiis wishes for the runaway llama. :groups:

:star: PatyKida wishes for more llamas. :star:
   Patreon Launch DayAnnouncing!
I've launched my Patreon page today.  I have been working hard the last month getting Patron rewards ready and tweaking my profile to make it not too wordy...  As I tend to get.  Blah blah blah ;P  I'm super excited though I don't think I have any followers yet.  I guess, before I say any more, I should get to some explaining.
"Golden Sketch Cards"

What is Patreon?
Okay, first off, it is not a Kickstarter or fundraising crowdsourcing one run project.  It is an ongoing, subscription like service to support artists and creators.  Creators can be art, video, music...  Really anything.  This site is bringing back the Renaissance Era idea of patronage of the arts.  People used to support an artist to help them pay their bil
   Earth Day - T13 

 :: Pink ':: by Liek
Earth Musings by Inebriantia
History of Love by Aeternum-Art Sommer 2011 by Bildmalerin
Fell in love on the seaside. by carinamaiwald
Lounging by Oer-Wout Jumping Spider by BenjaminPuppel
Heir to the Throne by vamosver Above it all by IndigoSummerr
bokehlicious by CliffWFotografie
   Dreams into Reality: Art as a Life PathArt in the Professions
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain
6:45am. In the next hour, I will rise from my bed, drink a cup of coffee, watch a few minutes of news on the television, and get ready to head out the door to open up shop at a major retail chain down the street from my house. The moment I exit my front door, thoughts of stock counts, refund procedures, and commission goals flood my head. "I really hope no one pays with a check today because I'll have to call my manager at home to have her handle it," is foremost in my mind. Working as a retail sales associate, these are the most important things for me to think of in my day. They're important to my job, they're important to my manager, they're important to the company. But they're not impor
   Challenges Around DeviantArtContests, projects and challenges around deviantART to inspire your creations and to give you the opportunity to win some goodies! :dummy:
Simplicity Contest hosted by dA-WritersRevolutionMedium: Any MediumDeadline: April 25th
More information...
CRFractals Monthly Challenge: April 2015 hosted by CRFractalsMedium: Digital Art > Fractal ArtDeadline: April 29th
More information...
April Monthly Challenge: Spring hosted by DigitalistsMedium: Digital ArtDeadline: April 30th
More information...
Artistle Art Challenge #7 hosted by Artistle :new:Medium: Digital and Traditional ArtDeadline: April 30th
More information...
M/A Repeating Contest: April 2015! hosted by MARepeatingContestsMedium: Anime & MangaDeadline: April 30th

Site Update: Bug Fixes, Status Updates
In our continuous effort to improve the DeviantArt experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
Change Log
We encountered issues with one of our ISPs that caused some deviants to become randomly logged out and prevented them from logging back in.Under rare conditions, some deviants couldn't create Gallery Folders or Collections. Fixed by outgoingcoyote
Longer usernames would be cut off on the new watermark. Fixed by inazar
The "Statistics" section of the Help & FAQ wasn't up to date. Fixed by DEVlANT
For a while, it wasn't possible to log in to in order to upload files. Fixed by chris
Hidden Forum
   Making The Ghostbusters Universe

Building Rome In A Day Making The “Ghostbusters” Universe
:iconeawood: eawood
:icontyrinecarver: TyrineCarver
There’s a word floating around Hollywood right now that is coveted like no other. That word is “Universe.”
A decade ago, the word was trilogy. Conspicuous examples like The Lord of the Rings and Christopher Nolan’s Batman set the standard in terms of making money and attracting engaged audiences, and every studio was hunting for their own three-part blockb
   Anthro Challenge #118 - Ball Of StringWelcome to the 118th installment of Anthro Challenge!
If you have any suggestions for themes, please feel free to comment on the front of our group or send us a note! We are welcome to new ideas from the Community!  What themes do you find more challenging vs others?
AnthroCommunity | anthrochallenge
Contest Deadline: April 1st, 2015 - April 30th, 2015

What Your Challenge Is
This was a suggestion by our very own member, CrystalSabre! So, what would a ball of string look like if it was anthropomorphized? Would it be terrorized by the constant claws of a cat? Would it be falling endlessly in a summer's breeze? Would it be attached to something like a shoe? Or maybe belong to an elderly lady knitting away! What would the life be of a ball of string?
Your Art Piece Must Have...
:bulletred: You MUST have "Anthro Challenge" some
   This Contest is For You!Digital Art Fantasy invite you to Join our New Contest
This contest was inspired by the Call of duty Advanced Warfare Game. For Artists developing skills in all areas of Character, Concept and Design this Contest is for you! We want you to throw any conception of modern-day limitations out the window and to create a vivid vision of how humanity’s technological ascent will continue to enable a common soldier to transform into a high-tech warrior.
There will be three sections.
:bulletred:1-Create an original Advanced Soldier.
:bulletred: 2- the surroundings -show us your skills as a designer and as an artist ( Concept Design)
:bulletred: 3- the vehicles- showing us weapons, or other accessories
:bulletred: On all sections please include a poppy to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Australia's Anzac Soldiers.  
:bulletred: Check out our Great Prizes further down on this Journal.
:bulletred:Please take a close look at the examples as this is what we wil
   MTF - Apr 2015 + Mother's Day!Thank you for all those really nice and kind suggestions, I know it has been hard to find for some of you >//<
the theme for May will be
Mother's Day
so any works/features that reminds you of the theme will do!~ *I really miss my mum by the wayWaaaah! *
:heart: each person is allowed to suggest a total of 10 works + feature
:heart: the works / feature can be from you / another deviant
:heart: all media types are allowed, there are no restrictions
:heart: nothing rude / provocative
:heart: try to suggest more recent works, best if they're within a year (;
:heart: please do not include more than one DD in your suggestions

Today's Headlines From The News Desk 4-21-15

Today’s Headlines From The News DeskApril 21, 2015
:iconeawood: eawood
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic

Here Comes The Little Prince
Grab a handkerchief everybody, then see if you can make it through the trailer for The Little Prince, arguably the most influential children’s story ever told, without at least getting some chills. We could not be more excited that this story is getting what appears to be a very solid big screen adaptation. Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments section.
   Today's Headlines From The News Desk 4-20-15

Today’s Headlines From The News DeskApril 20, 2015
:iconeawood: eawood
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic

Fantastic Four Trailer
There’s a new Fantastic Four trailer and oh em gee does it look good. It’s so well-cast, and looks to have the balance of witty humor and emotional gravity we’ve come to expect from Marvel films. This could just be the low-key best blockbuster of the summer. What do you think? What summer hit are you most looking forward to?
   Dying Of Thirst: Earth's Water Is Running Out

Dying of Thirst Earth’s Water
Is Running Out

:iconeawood: eawood
:iconcoffekec: CoffeKec
Water Shortage
Every day the sea level gets a little higher, and every day we have a little bit less water to drink.
According to the World Wildlife Fund, 2.7 billion people are faced with water scarcities during at least one month of the year. As drought conditions prevail in many places around the globe and our limited supply of accessible fresh water continues to dwindle, the problem is getting worse, not better.
A global w
   Today's Headlines From The News Desk 4-16-15

Today’s Headlines From The News DeskApril 16, 2015
:iconeawood: eawood
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic

New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer
The second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released. In addition, we got a little tidbit of trivia about the new film. Do you remember the shot on the first teaser trailer for The Force Awakens that features a desert environment everyone assumed was Tatooine? According to a report from IGN, director J.J. Abrams confirmed today at Star Wars Celeb

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NEWS 'til Hell freezes over
Estd: Sep 5th, 2010

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