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THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN :icongroup-eaze: Group-Eaze
Membership is automatic!!

Folder Settings in "Manage Members" in the Background in Groups ~ by inknalcohol

Group-Kickstarters Tutorial: Folder SettingsIn my five years on DA, I've started a few groups and have been an Admin at more than twenty.  One of the most complicated things to understand in Groups is your Folder Settings.  If you're just using the Featured folder, permissions don't matter as much (there's only a few things you need to worry about tweaking), but if you have multiple folders, the settings and privclasses can quickly become overwhelming.  That is, if you can even find out how to make the changes.
Let's Start with the Basics
Each privclass (Founder, Co-Founder, Contributors, Moderators, Members, Members of Affiliates and Any Deviants) has it's own settings for EVERYTHING, but we'll keep this focused to just the Folder Settings.  This allows you to set up folders that maybe only Admins can submit to, or just members, or maybe you're running a contest that is site wide and you don't want to force everyone to join your group.
Most groups tend to keep the Featured folder for just ad
Tips on Managing GroupsCommunity Week
Groups are those spaces on DeviantArt that allow us to meet and interact with other users, through various means such as Designing, Contests, and Special activities where everyone can freely participate, expose their art in the group gallery, share resources and tutorials of artistic help, other topics, and more! What makes a group a successful? Very simple: It has a Administrative Team whose relations are based on Core Values ​​of DA (I think this can be applied to all groups on DA, not just to the Community Relations team): Community, Respect, Excellence, Artists, Trust and Empowerment. The groups and their administrators are always there for the community and vice versa. 
How you can achieve such success in your groups? Be highly motivated, hard working, and have plenty of community spirit. This article is a very useful guide with important tips on how to manage a group, not only on the technical side (customizing the page or submitting art to the gal
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Project Portfolio

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 15, 2015, 10:01 AM
Grass w/ Flowers Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehreGrass w/ Flowers Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Project Portfolio

Hi everybody :wave:
:new:  And here are the winners for the First Session!

Project Portfolio - Session 1: Overview

   Session 2: 15th August - 30th September

We would like to invite you to a project meant to promote your work!
(Yeah, time for some shameless self-promotion! Handdance )

What you need to do
    a) Create a Journal Entry* whe

Grass w/ Flowers Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehreGrass w/ Flowers Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


Created by :iconandorada Andorada 

A Project for shameless self-promotion AND to share the artworks of those for whom each deviant admires!

Now, on to the "shameless" self-promotion!

Firework Image 0538 by WDWParksGal
Angels Without Wings by WDWParksGalHappy by WDWParksGal Misty Peers in the Camera by WDWParksGal

Cinderella Castle at MK by WDWParksGal Dark Chocolate Fudge by WDWParksGal  Butterscotch Vanilla Fudge by WDWParksGal

There are many, many deviants I look up to and admire. It is very difficult to narrow my choices down to just three deviants, which is the requirement for the challenge, so here are just a few of those I admire on DeviantART!

:iconareteeirene: AreteEirene 

Both my main avatars were created by AreteEirene using little movies of wishes:

:iconwdwparksgal-stock: was created from Wishes for KasK by AreteEirene

:iconwdwparksgal: was created from Christmas Wishes Avatar by AreteEirene

Her own avatar :iconareteeirene: created from Mine? by AreteEirene

Now, for her features:

Observation Wishes by AreteEirene

Her Love of All Things Disney:   Wishes in Stitches by AreteEirene

Creating the Pattern for  FelesTacita of her late kitty Alex:    Alex - Digital Cross-stitch by AreteEirene 
Working on the Cross Stitch from the Pattern:   Alex WIP by AreteEirene

Merryweather by AreteEirene  That Look by AreteEirene  Charcoal Reduction Tutorial by AreteEirene  Cinderella Castle Finished by AreteEirene  Kitchen Rug by AreteEirene  Ohio State 42 Michigan 39 by AreteEirene  Spaceship Earth Christmas by AreteEirene  Mr. Thomas by AreteEirene

Another deviant I admire is one of the deviants I've watched the longest in my nearly ten-years of having an account: :iconkv-arts: KV-Arts 
Kris is a positive force on DeviantART. She is an amazing artist, does commissions to order, has a love of Disney (I have purchased some of her wonderful Disney-related works along with other pieces) and works in Groups that feature Traditional Art:

:icontraditional-art-only: :iconrealism-art: :iconfineartgalleries:

as well as being the founder of :iconmansionfans: a group I help her admin :aww:

Now for her Features!

HTH Series - Hotel by KV-Arts

Disney Postcard - HM by KV-Arts Commission: Cats Portrait for evogs by KV-Arts  Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter by KV-Arts  Disney Haunted Clock by KV-Arts  

  Commission: Shafer Kids by KV-Arts

Some of her paintings that I own

Young Master Gracey by KV-Arts  Mary Gilbert Gracey by KV-Arts  Quicksand Trio by KV-Arts  Uncle Edward Gracey by KV-Arts  Lilian OMalley Gracey by KV-Arts The Master's Remastered by KV-Arts  

Here is a collection of her works I own

Goodies by KV-Arts by WDWParksGal

Another deviant I've watched a long time and who is the "go to" admin on DisneyDreamers ~ the admin I depend on from everything from wondering is a submission is actually Disney (too many TV shows I'm not familiar with!) to making sure a membership request is viable by checking the gallery when there is question as to whether or not the gallery is full of screenshots, trace-overs or other TOS and ©/™ violations (the group is a stickler in making sure all members and submissions follow policy). Many thanks for her help and friendship!

Featuring :iconbonzairen: BonzaiRen 

Pop Style Girls (UPDATED) by BonzaiRen

Ren donated New Camera by BonzaiRen to my stock account so I could create awesome stocks from it :nuu:

Dance, Mickey, Dance by BonzaiRen  Gaia Commission by BonzaiRen Teddy can has Peanuts by BonzaiRen  Lightning Flash by BonzaiRen  Princess Swap Remake by BonzaiRen  Smiling Belle by BonzaiRen  Downtown Disney at Dusk by BonzaiRen  Tiana by BonzaiRen  Rosalina by BonzaiRen

Thank you so very much by PaMonkfor putting up with me all these years on DeviantArt 

Ribbon Banner Divider in Purple by TheStockWarehouse

And shoutouts to some of the wonderful deviants on  DeviantArt   that make being on the site so very worthwhile:

Without saying, many thanks to spyed for creating DeviantArt  in the first place!

ArtByKassie Ayame-Kenoshi Minato-Kushina PaMonk DiamonEyes LeftWingDuck Veronica-Art WilliamSnape  Vulkanette PridesCrossing GillianIvy poserfan BurgerBunny TheArmouredBear Fubelle Reddawgi redheadstock Aeirmid cazcastalla TheGalleryOfEve Moonbeam13 Heidi fourteenthstar inknalcohol thorns PurpelBlur phoenixleo Elandria PirateLotus-Stock shelldevil TimberClipse nitchwarmer CelticStrm-Stock Kaz-D pinkythepink tiganusi Moonchilde-Stock Mrs-Durden namenotrequired Gwendolyn12 JulianasGrandma mysticmorning  pullingcandy Cinnamoncandy Dragonrider1227  Neosun7  1arcticfox thefantasim Topicality Ann-McLaren RoccoBertucci Rose-Rayne ryano292 silber-englein Nyiana-sama  Ehsartem Fe0 pinguino faestock Anoya  TheCreativeJenn jenepooh JenFruzz y2jenn siriuslylostwerewolf techgnotic danlev VAngelLJ TouchedVenus synconi Ravenswd Synfull LDLAWRENCE Mirz123 joannastar CypherVisor decemberdreams dekorAdum LaSirenOfEire Tuikkis MiloticScale AwsumZ cooley MightyMorphinPower4 MyntKat Nameda oibyrd Project-27  parallellogic Arichy ChewedKandi Cynnalia jennystokes jermilex Krissi001 LDFranklin panda257

And forgive me if I left someone out!
What a joy it is to think of all my DeviantART friends 5 seconds hug 

Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Purple-Pink) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

CSS by UszatyArbuz :iconuszatyarbuz:
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:pointr: To read FAQs in other languages be sure to check the group InternationalFAQ ~
:pointr: Make A Group application.
:pointr: General Group Questions listing on the Help/FAQ page.
:pointr: FAQ #418: What are Groups and how do I make one?
:pointr: FAQ #673: How can I make a club or group?
:pointr: FAQ #264: Is there a description of the Help Desk contact categories?
:pointr: FAQ #409: As the founder can I appoint someone to replace me?
:pointr: FAQ #590: What are the hours of operation for the Help Desk?
:pointr: FAQ #713: Who is on the Help Desk Team?
:pointr: FAQ #630: Are there any rules for the Help Desk?
:pointr: FAQ #741: How are Help Desk responses sent to me? Can I have them e-mailed to me?
:pointr: FAQ #2: Where can I find the official deviantART Copyright Policy?
:pointr: FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?
:pointr: FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
:pointr: FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?
:pointr: FAQ #304: Do you remove copies and trace-over art?
:pointr: FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
:pointr: FAQ #578: What does deviantART consider to be a proper desktop screenshot?
:pointr: FAQ #762: What is the Gallery Folders Feature and how do I use it?
:pointr: FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?






:bulletorange:Need dependable admins? We can help!
I volunteerHey guys :love:
I think I'm ready to do even more stuff on DeviantArt, so I would like to volunteer and admin a group, poetry group to be specific.
So if anybody needs a hand with their group, or you know someone who needs an admin, please let me know :w00t:
I promise I'm good at managing groups :laughing: Just give me some offers :la::la:

Through-a-Lens News #12Hi there,
This is dekorAdum, Manager of Through-a-Lens and I have collected some news and happenings regarding our group.

Farewell and Welcome
Please join us in bidding farewell to our amazing Team Members!
Thank you for your work, it contributed greatly to the growth of our Group and of course our artistic taste!
From the Collector Team; simply-unidentified, lynx92003 & JetteReitsma  
And please Welcome our newest Team Members: iAmoret & RockstarVanity! :heart:
Moderators and Collectors Wanted
We are in need of helping hands!
Please head over to the announcement blog for more information!
Features, articles
In this section, I will


Don't close it, if its adoptable. Listings below:

Looking for new modsHi guys,
I'm sorry this group has been so dead forever. If you'd like to have a go at bringing it back from the dead, please comment here or note me :) Alternatively if you think I should put it out of it's misery and close this group, comment too.

Group Info

:iconnewsboyplz: Need help with your group? From adoption to tricks and tips? Keeping track of miscats, proper submitting procedures, clarifying what your groups is about? Group support at your finger tips.
Premium Groups can have a plethora of Widgets! Need help to make them look spectacular? Check out all These Tutorials!

This is a group run by the members :community:
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Oct 6, 2012


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Support & Cause

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